Thinking about collaboration work

2017-07-03 01:15:28 by IyuriI

Hello guys!

As you know create really good songs is not so easy :\

And I've never did song-collaboration before :v

And if you're able to help me with creating song, then just message me! :D

I am free for messages >w<

But remember! I creating songs in FL Studio 12!

You must be able to create at least one of the below genres of music:

  1. House
  2. Chillstep
  3. Glitch hop
  4. Chipstep
  5. Electronic
  6. Dubstep

Samples of songs:

  1. ◄ Drift by Geoplex (House song)
  2. ◄ Florescense by Geoplex (House song)
  3. ◄ Catharsis by Geoplex (Drum N Bass Song + Chillstep)
  4. ◄ HeartBeat by ColBreakz (Dubstep song)
  5. ◄ Glitch Gremlin by Bossfight (Chipstep song)
  6. ◄ Nowise by Bossfight (Drum N Bass song)